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Our executive search professionals are involved throughout more of the hiring process, conducting detailed interviews and presenting candidates to clients selectively, when they feel the candidate meets all stated requirements and would fit into the culture of our clients.

The difficult part of the job though is the administration, coordination, scheduling that’s involved in the recruitment process. Sometimes senior managers spend long hours on this because of the fact that the recruitment team in any organization is quite lean. Realizing these facts and challenges Sanvels has come out with a partnership model to help clients fulfill their mandates within the budgeted cost.

Sanvels deputes their full-time experienced recruiters at the client’s place to anchor the entire turnkey recruitment activities. With a brief macro plan the team starts their work and reports regularly to the hiring manager. Through their rich experience and in-depth skill the recruiters add a lot of value to the delivery – quality, speed and consistency.

The costing model that Sanvels proposes here guarantees a definite saving of at least 25-30% when compared to the regular fee the company pays to consultants. In addition, all hassles related to planning, coordination, interview scheduling, negotiation, joining etc are taken care of by the Sanvels recruiters themselves allowing the managers to focus on core areas of HR and Recruitment.

The team is also well trained on various sourcing techniques, selection procedures, corporate culture, communication, and to collect market intelligence enabling the client in making the right recruitment choice. We work backwards and formalize an effective delivery plan with activity level commitments. Sanvels also offers flexibility in hiring candidates either on permanent role or on Sanvels rolls, based on the business need.

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