Sustainability isn't just non-profit projects, it's a serious business: Social entrepreneurs
By Sanvels - 09 Aug,2016, 1:56 PM

A group of nomads once went to a village seeking food.When they were rejected, the women of the tribe set up fire and started cooking with just water and stones. 

"It is stone soup," they told the intrigued villagers, "a nourishing soup that gives you strength. If only there were carrots to add, it would be great." The villagers readily gave them carrots. "If only there were some onions, greens and potatoes," the women said and the villagers gave them those too. Soon, they had made a .. 
truly nourishing meal and relished it together. 

That is the legend of the stone soup that brought an indifferent community together. 

When Bengaluru-based Malini Parmar and Smita Kulkarni started a social enterprise based on responsible living and sustainability -things few care about -they named it Stonesoup. 
These civic activists believe in the business of sustainability -that it is important for environmental initiatives to also be serious business."All of us have been working on solid waste management. We wanted to contribute to the field by providing solutions ourselves," says Kulkarni. 

They began with a project called `Borrow-A-Bag.' People often forget to carry bags with them and hesitate to pay `20 for a cloth bag every time they go grocery shopping 

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