China's e-commerce boom a lesson for creating jobs in India
By Sanvels - 09 Aug,2016, 1:54 PM

India needs to add about 80 million jobs by 2025 to ensure enough jobs for its bulging youth population, so its demographic dividend does not become a liability. 

Yet, even with the government's push to boost manufacturing, it will be short 24 million jobs as the large services sector does not generate enough employment, HSBC Holdings Plc estimates. 
could fill half of that gap if India were able to replicate the explosion in Chinese online shopping, according to economists Pranjul Bhandari and Prithviraj Srinivas at HSBC. Internet penetration and online purchases in the world's second-most-populous country are today where China's were about seven years ago. That's also when Chinese e-commerce started booming, the economists wrote. 

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